The benefits of Delos Therapy during school summer break

The benefits of Delos Therapy during school summer break

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In addition to working on professional athletes, we’ve had the pleasure of working on high school athletes who have gone on to set personal records in their schools and then went on to college to continue their endeavors in sports. We’ve seen baseball players, soccer players, tennis players and golfers, but here is an article highlighting one example of such an accomplishment for one of our track and field athletes.

Each summer, whether they are in high school or college, these athletes come back to Delos to maximize their muscle health in preparation for next season. A few summer months of Delos Therapy can result in major gains in achieving and maintaining muscle health. Healthy muscle tissue is soft, spongy and pliable when in a relaxed state and is only hard when the muscle is flexed or contracted. The idea of pliability is finally being recognized by the world’s best athletes, such as Tom Brady, who wrote an entire book about it and credits his longevity and athletic performance to it.

Through training and competition, muscle tissue undergoes tremendous amounts of wear and tear along with repair, and gradually accumulates a buildup collagen and elastin within the tissue, making the muscle hard and fibrotic to the touch even when it is in a relaxed state. These fibrotic bundles create stiffness in muscles that is unresponsive to conventional techniques such as stretching, foam rolling, deep tissue massage or rest. The tightness also greatly diminishes the performance of the muscle because these particular bundles are unable to contract, so the muscle is considerably compromised. There is no better time than the off-season to have these fibrotic bundles broken up with Delos Therapy, alleviating the wear and tear and reestablishing muscle pliability. This will provide a considerable advantage over the competition because the muscles will be at their optimum performance ready to fire for another season.

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