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The Problem

The repetitive motions of day-to-day life cause muscles to contract and relax. Over time, these contractions become shorter. As they become shorter, muscles and fascia become chronically contracted, forming knots and muscle tightness, leading to dysfunction, disability and pain. The health of the muscles is directly affected by the tightness in the muscles. Blood and lymph volume is drastically reduced in hyper-contracted muscle tissue. Tremendous congestion and inflammation accumulates in the tissues from cellular metabolic wastes, all due to ineffective circulation. As this stagnation progresses, the tissue suffers increasingly destructive pathological changes.

Why Should I Try Delos Therapy?

Muscles make up, on average, 36-42% of your body’s weight. The repetitive motions of day-to-day life cause muscles to contract and relax, eventually leading to knots, congested tissue and muscle tightness. This in turn can lead to dysfunction, disability, and the chronic pain you may be experiencing. Since the mechanism of this chronic pain remains unknown, traditional therapies emphasize managing the symptoms of chronic pain rather than the underlying cause, and therefore may focus on nerves, tendons and bones rather than the muscles and the fascia.

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Expected Results…

  • • Elimination of pain
  • • Reduced stiffness
  • • Increased range of motion
  • • Restored function
  • • Increased athletic performance
  • • Prevention of surgery
  • • Faster recovery after surgery
  • • Reduced treatment costs
  • • Reduced rehabilitation time
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