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What is Delos Therapy?

Delos Therapy is a precise, state of the art manual therapy for chronic pain and pain management. Direct pressure is applied to detailed points along the entire muscle, which forces a stretch of the myofibrils and individual muscle fibers, relieves hyper-contraction and congestion, and results in restored function and relief.

Why Should I Try Delos Therapy?

Muscles make up, on average, 36-42% of your body’s weight. The repetitive motions of day-to-day life cause muscles to contract and relax, eventually leading to knots, congested tissue and muscle tightness. This in turn can lead to dysfunction, disability, and the chronic pain you may be experiencing. Since the mechanism of this chronic pain remains unknown, traditional therapies emphasize managing the symptoms of chronic pain rather than the underlying cause, and therefore may focus on nerves, tendons and bones rather than the muscles and the fascia.

What Are My Next Steps?

We always recommend consulting your regular physician before starting any form of therapy. Below are our services. Please review what session you would like to begin with and schedule a free evaluation.

  • • 25 min treatment for one chronic condition
  • • 50 min treatment for multiple chronic conditions
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Expected Results…

  • • Relief of pain
  • • Increased range of motion
  • • Reduced stiffness
  • • Restored function
  • • Prevention of surgeries
  • • Faster recovery after a past surgery

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