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Meet Our Staff

Read and learn about our staff and their roles at Delos.

Eric Owens

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Experience: 20 years

Why Delos? Eric co-founded Delos Therapy during his final year of medical school. With his background as a professional athlete, along with his medical studies and 15 years of experience administering this therapy, Eric is looking to change the way the industry approaches the treatment of chronic pain.

Mimi Bosika

Hometown: Uzdin, Serbia

Business Experience: 17 years

Why Delos? Mimi is a long-time friend and business partner of Eric Owens. She graduated with a Master’s degree from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business and brings management, operations and sales experience to the practice. She is passionate about Delos because the company's unique approach to treating pain is revolutionary and can one day make a global impact.

Darek Swiac

Hometown: Czestochowa, Poland

Experience: 6 years

Why Delos? Darek's goal as a Delos Therapist is to help people quickly and effectively manage their chronic pain. He joined the Delos team because he believes that performing Delos Treatment on a client brings balance back to the body and mind. The frustration due to pain affects people's lives in many ways and Darek is committed to making significant improvements in their well-being.

Kate Patterson

Hometown: Fort Collins, CO

Experience: 2 years

Why Delos? As a dancer for 10+ years, Kate has experienced the frustrations of dealing with chronic pain. Having seen its debilitating effect on everything from athletic performance to everyday functions and emotional well-being, she went in search of an effective solution. Discouraged by the inconsistent results of traditional bodywork, a close friend recommended she look into Delos.  Kate immediately saw value in the therapy and was ecstatic about the level of results people were able to achieve.  Kate soon joined the Delos team and never looked back, and as the single most effective therapy she’s found in soft tissue rehabilitation, she works to share her knowledge with patients to help them achieve and surpass their goals.

Danielle Witt

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Business Experience: 2 years

Why Delos? Danielle joined Delos after spending time as a marine biologist right out of college. Her background in biology is what attracted her to Delos. The science that Delos Therapy is based on resonated with her and she saw its life changing benefits. She brings her exceptional science background and people skills to the team. Danielle is excited to be a part of a team that has such a huge impact on people’s lives.

Rob Polk

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Experience: 1 year

Why Delos? Rob has been a firefighter and paramedic for the past 12 years.  Due to the physical demands of a career in firefighting, he has seen a very high prevalence of soft tissue injuries.  Rob became a manual therapist because he wanted to help people manage pain and reduce injury.  However, his experience with traditional manual therapy techniques has left him questioning how much impact he would be able to have.  Once Rob became a pain specialist at Delos and learned the Delos Therapy technique, he developed the firm belief that he can help clients alleviate pain and improve their overall health.

Meg Lamm

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Experience: 18 years

Why Delos? With 18 years of involvement in healthcare, Meg has practiced a myriad of therapies. She has personally experienced the effects of chronic pain, and the limitations it can place on daily life. For Meg, finding Delos was like finding that “missing piece.”  Not only does she find tremendous value in the efficacy of Delos therapy, she believes it has the capacity to change the protocol for pain management, bringing a level of relief that has remained elusive. Meg’s quest has always been to get to the root of the problem. She believes that Delos’ innovative method provides her with the capability to do just that. Meg is eager to provide the pain relief that so many are seeking, and to share her knowledge and passion with those whom she has the privilege of working.

William Hernandez

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Experience: 6 years

Why Delos? William’s professional background hasn’t always been in healthcare, but it was his desire to help people, especially athletes, that led him to a career in treating pain.  During the last six years, William’s mission was to improve people's quality of life. William personally understands the struggle of dealing with pain and the disappointing results of traditional modalities, which is what drove him to become a therapist at Delos Therapy. William is most excited to be a part of a team that is focused on professionalism, service quality and making a major impact on the world.

Amber Gibson

Hometown: Cheyenne, WY

Experience: 5 years

Why Delos? Amber draws inspiration from helping people overcome obstacles that would otherwise thwart potential and prevent progress. She believes the unique and dynamic Delos approach is about so much more than eliminating a nagging sports injury or relieving years of chronic pain; it offers people the ability to ignite a transformation in their bodies that will positively impact other aspects of their lives. By helping people maximize their physical capabilities, Amber hopes to send her clients on a path to becoming their best selves.

Marc Pytlewicz

Hometown: Roselle, IL

Experience: 2 years

Why Delos? Marc became a therapist as a way to fulfill a lifelong interest and natural ability of finding problem areas in muscles. When he turned his passion into a career, he first began to help athletes and coaches in the world of jiu jitsu. Being an athlete his whole life and an avid sports fan, Marc understands the mindset of athletes and knows the importance of muscular health when it comes to performance. After meeting the Delos team and hearing about the Delos therapy vision for the future, Marc was quickly overcome with excitement. Then, after experiencing the therapy himself and realizing how quickly it restructured muscles in his own problem areas, he was hooked and knew he wanted to be part of the team. Marc is not only determined to help people feel better and to enable athletes to perform at the highest level, but he is also eager to be part of a company that is destined to make a difference in the world.

Meghan Bordeaux

Hometown: Peoria, IL

Experience: 2 years

Why Delos? Growing up a dancer and power tumbler, Meghan understands the inconvenience of chronic pain. After moving to Chicago, she spent time teaching dance and learning the ropes of growing a business. Being a motivated individual, she was attracted to Delos for the company's drive to continue growing and its dedication to helping people. She is excited to combine her passion for fitness with her desire to service those in need. Meghan looks forward to watching clients heal and witnessing the business thrive and change people's lives for the better.

Astrid Mikrut

Hometown: Defiance, OH

Experience: 6 years

Why Delos? As a chiropractor, Astrid noticed that her patients weren't getting the outcomes they wanted from joint manipulation alone. She searched for the most effective modalities to pair with chiropractic, quickly noticing that soft tissue work led to the best treatment success. But everyone was doing the same techniques they'd been doing for years, and Astrid was looking for an innovative therapy that was based on the latest scientific discoveries. Finally, she found Delos Therapy, and she believed so strongly in the therapy and in the company's vision that she gave up practicing chiropractic medicine and joined the team. Astrid believes that the Delos technique truly holds the key to relieving people of their chronic pain, and she is extraordinarily excited to be a part of it.

Dayanne Bowden

Hometown: Wheaton, IL

Experience: 7 years

Why Delos? After seeing her mother suffer a stroke, Dayanne knew she wanted to be in the healthcare industry to help people. As a chronic pain sufferer herself, Dayanne sought out answers while yearning for more fulfillment in her career. This is when she found Delos. Dayanne knew that Delos Therapy and the company's culture and mission provided what she was looking for personally and professionally. At Delos, Dayanne sets out to provide a unique and therapeutic experience to help clients regain confidence and engage in activities that are part of everyday life. Her goals are based on her personal understanding of how physical pain can impact the body and the mind.

Nicholas Wade

Hometown: Fostoria, OH

Experience: 13 years

Why Delos? Nicholas comes to Delos with a lengthy bodywork history and is excited to bring his knowledge and experience to the team. He was drawn to Delos by the company's innovative approach and growing success in the world of pain management. Nicholas believes that Delos is the missing piece in not only educating people about muscular health, but truly helping them achieve long term pain relief. He couldn't pass up the opportunity to become a part of the Delos team and deliver results to clients.