Delos – Our Name and Values

Delos – Our Name and Values

December 29, 2014|By MimiB|No Comments »
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“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek


At Delos Therapy, we believe that people should live their lives without pain.  Whether this means setting a personal record in your next marathon, being able to ice-skate with your kids, feeling comfortable all day at work or continuing your Saturday afternoon golf outings with your buddies, Delos exists to deliver muscles that are loose and healthy.


The island of Delos in ancient Greece was the birthplace of Apollo, the god of medicine and healing.  Many say modern medicine was born in Delos.  This is where the world’s most advanced physicians and scientists practiced.  In a way, it was the island of hope. In the 1970s, when Kenny Owens developed his unique technique to effectively address chronic pain, he called his therapy and company Delos.  Years later when Eric Owens and Mimi Bosika were creating the company in Chicago, it seemed fitting to keep the name.


In the area of chronic pain, modern medicine has yet to look closely at muscles and fascia in addressing the problem.  Taking this into account and considering the premise of our therapy, Delos Wellness is somewhat of a metaphorical island of healing in Chicago.


In our effort to establish ourselves as a modern clinic with an innovative approach to healing pain and muscle tightness, we have three core beliefs.


1. People can live without pain.  Sometimes people are so used to their current condition that they forget what it’s like not to hurt.  We are not here to manage pain or help people improve.  We are here to eliminate pain so that people can live the lives that they want to live.


2. The body needs maintenance.  We change the oil in our cars, we brush our teeth to avoid cavities, but we don’t always consider what it takes to keep our muscles healthy.  Once we eliminate our clients’ pain, we ask them to maintain their health for the long run with minimal ongoing therapy.  Again, we believe people should live the lives they want to live and we can help that do that by keeping them pain-free.


3. We will deliver extraordinary service.  Yes, we know – everyone says that.  At Delos, we really mean it. What that looks like at Delos is creating an environment full of energy. We’re always on time. We don’t cancel appointments. We keep in touch with our clients. We make our clients’ wellbeing our only priority.

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