Delos Spotlight: Christopher Marcheschi

Delos Spotlight: Christopher Marcheschi

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Delos Therapy has some amazing clients with extraordinary stories and we want to take the time to share their success with our therapy. Meet Christopher, a young and active individual suffering from severe neck and shoulder pain. Read his interview to find out his amazing transformation since starting Delos.

How did you hear about Delos?

CM: A friend of mine who could see my frustration with my constant neck/shoulder pain found Delos online and after reading all of the positive feedback, she really pushed me to give it a try.

What issues brought you to Delos?

CM: For years I have been struggling with sharp neck-pain and tingling from my neck down through my left arm and into my back.  Most likely from over-lifting and years of built up fibrotic tissue impinging on the nerves.

What types of treatments did you try before coming to Delos?

CM: Before Delos Therapy, I had tried three different forms of physical therapy, steroids, cervical injections, acupuncture, chiropractic, and even paleo dieting. Nothing was able to give me the relief I was looking for.

What improvements have you made since starting Delos Therapy?

CM: I initially came to Delos after a severe flair up where my left hand could not reach my right shoulder.  Since starting Delos, I have gained back all of that mobility and the pain has subsided considerably.  After my first session, Rob could tell exactly where my fibrotic tissue was and worked through those trouble spots to provide the relief I needed.

What would you say to someone who hasn’t tried Delos Therapy?

CM: As someone who has tried almost everything else, there is no reason NOT to try Delos.  It tackles the problem by approaching the muscle tissue in a unique way and helps relieve the pressure on the nerves causing pain. Its true pain relief.

Tell us something unique about you.

CM: I love playing basketball and lifting, so not being able to do those things had been tough.  I also love music, enjoy singing and playing piano.  Delos has helped me get back to enjoying some of those hobbies.

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