Delos Spotlight: Debra Greenwood

Delos Spotlight: Debra Greenwood

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Delos Therapy has some amazing clients with extraordinary stories and we want to take the time to share their success with our therapy. Meet Debra, a developmental therapist suffering from debilitating back pain. Read her interview to find out her amazing transformation since starting Delos.

How did you hear about Delos?

DG: It was at the 2015 Veggie Fest in Lisle where I first discovered Delos Therapy.  As I was waiting for my mini-treatment at Veggie Fest, I observed the therapists to be extremely knowledgeable, professional and sincere in their efforts to provide exceptional therapy treatments.

What issues brought you to Delos?

DG: I was experiencing debilitating upper right back pain when I began Delos Therapy.  Coughing, sneezing, driving over the smallest bump in the road were all painful experiences. Most of the time, I could not anticipate which movement might trigger a PAINFUL moment. I could no longer swim, bike ride or practice yoga.  Walking and hiking for more than 10 minutes became impossible activities.  During the momentary painful spasms, I was unable to take a breath or a step forward.  I was providing therapy services for children with disabilities and this was  impossible to continue.  I was unable to sit on the floor or lift the children without experiencing the excruciating pain in my back.

What types of treatments did you try before coming to Delos?

DG: Chiropractic treatments, weekly deep tissue massage, acupuncture, working with a personal trainer, TENS therapy, water therapy, stretching, and I tried to continue with my yoga class.  I had an MRI and EMG testing previous to my treatment at Delos.

What improvements have you made since starting Delos Therapy?

DG: AMAZING RESULTS!!  I am experiencing the listed activities above, without the severe pain in my back. I feel more energized and free to move since I am no longer exhausted from daily pain. I have been slowly increasing the machine weights and have incorporated Nordic Walking into my physical activity.  I am truly grateful for Delos Therapy/Eric’s expertise in assisting me in my recovery!

What would you say to someone who hasn’t tried Delos Therapy?

DG: Give yourself the gift of a healthier functioning body and the opportunity to feel better!!!  Begin your journey today, towards greater health!! Truly, a dedicated group of professionals – Delos Therapy!


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