Delos Spotlight: Jeff Libersher

Delos Spotlight: Jeff Libersher

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Delos Therapy has some amazing clients with extraordinary stories and we want to take the time to share their success with our therapy. Meet Jeff, a musician suffering from extreme neck and back pain. Read his interview to find out his amazing transformation since starting Delos.

How did you hear about Delos?

JL: I heard about Delos through a friend of mine who was already a patient. She had great results at Delos and knew I was suffering from back issues so she suggested I see them as well.

What issues brought you to Delos?

JL: I was suffering from very severe, chronic neck and back pain.

What types of treatments did you try before coming to Delos?

JL: I tried several remedies before seeing Delos – massage, acupuncture, 4 different chiropractors, 2 different doctors and physical therapy. Nothing was helping and I was in severe pain; I needed to find a solution.

What improvements have you made since starting Delos Therapy?

JL: The improvement I’ve made since coming to Delos is astounding. I had tried so many options prior and yet I was still miserable. This past winter was the worst. There was not an hour during the day that I wasn’t in some degree of agony. I would wake up 3-4 times a night from the pain. Mornings were the worst. The pain affected and limited every aspect of my life. After starting my treatments with Delos, I quickly started having entire days that were pain free. Mornings went from miserable to manageable to completely pain free. I even sleep through the night! Any moments of discomfort are so rare and no longer debilitating.

What would you say to someone who hasn’t tried Delos Therapy?

JL: Delos has helped me immensely! They literally gave me my life back. I can even work out again! The therapy is effective and the staff is wonderful – extremely professional, empathetic and kind. If you are suffering from any sort of pain, Delos is your answer.

Tell us something unique about you.

JL: I’ve been a musician in an experimental art-rock band for 30 years and I’ve toured/played all over the world!

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