Delos Spotlight: Joey Peevey

Delos Spotlight: Joey Peevey

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Delos Therapy has some amazing clients with extraordinary stories and we want to take the time to share their success with our therapy. Meet Joey, a physician suffering from knee pain. Read his interview to find out his amazing transformation since starting Delos.

How did you hear about Delos?

JP: I actually met Eric Owens (Delos co-founder) in grad school, so I’ve known about Delos since its conceptual phase. We have known each other since 2007 and oddly enough are both from Texas but we met here in Chicago. We recently reconnected because I suffered a running related knee injury, I remembered Eric talking about starting a practice in pain management so I looked him up and reached out.

What issues brought you to Delos?

JP: As I mentioned, I’m a runner and about a year ago I suffered an IT band/knee injury. I had also been dealing with some plantar fasciitis and Achilles issues as well, all on my right side. All of these things combined had me hobbling around stiff as a board, and completely sidelined from running.

What types of treatments did you try before coming to Delos?

JP: After about 1 month of independently stretching, rolling, ice, hip exercises, and rest I still wasn’t improving. Being a physician myself, I felt it was important to have a sports medicine doctor evaluation/physical before moving forward with any other type of treatment. I wanted to ensure that all the issues I was having were strictly musculoskeletal and that I didn’t have any serious tears or anything. The sports medicine evaluation confirmed my suspicions and recommended a protracted course of physical therapy. I wanted something that was more proactive, so I went to Delos.

What improvements have you made since starting Delos Therapy?

JP: After 14 sessions over the course of 5 weeks, I was back and running pain free. I began treatment shortly before I was scheduled to run a half marathon, which I assumed I would have to cancel due to my injuries. Delos had me back running in such a short time that I actually was able to run the half and do so completely pain free. I was so happy and impressed with the fast recovery. My plantar and Achilles issues are completely gone as well. I have since continued to incorporate Delos into my schedule and I am running faster, better, and happier than ever. The best way to describe my success is I came to Delos running like the Tin Man – all squeaky, rusted and stiff. After Delos, I now feel like Gumby – loose, free, and flexible with greater range of motion.

What would you say to someone who hasn’t tried Delos Therapy?

JP: I believe Delos is a critical tool for any training plan to keep you healthy and on track. I completely entrusted my care to Eric and his staff, I did exactly what was prescribed and have nothing but excellent results to show for it. Come in for an evaluation, get on a plan and let the therapy work for you. You’ll need to be ready to commit to the frequency but your muscles will respond and you will see results. As a runner, I think it’s instrumental for other runners to have Delos as a part of their training regime. My weekly or semi-weekly sessions are as important as my weekend long runs. I’d recommend Delos to those who feel healthy as well. The therapy is equally beneficial for maintaining your health as it is for addressing acute injuries and pain.

Tell us something unique about you.

JP: I consider myself pretty average guy but if I had to pick, I really enjoy traveling and I run two marathons every year – the Chicago Marathon and the El Paso TX Marathon. The two couldn’t be more different (one has 40,000 participants and the other has about 200…) but El Paso is my hometown and being able to visit friends and family, get out of Chicago in the middle of February, and supporting health and wellness in my hometown community makes the trip and race special to me. It is my favorite trip and race of the year, its my own personal “Boston on the Border”.

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