Delos Spotlight: Mary & Corinne

Delos Spotlight: Mary & Corinne

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Delos Therapy has some amazing clients with extraordinary stories and we want to take the time to share their success with our therapy. This month we had two clients who achieved similar goals and couldn’t pick just one! Meet Mary and Corinne, both competing in the Obstacle Course Racing World Championship and both suffering from shoulder injuries. Read their interviews to find out their amazing transformations since starting Delos.

How did you hear about Delos?

MP: I heard about Delos while attending a beach workout at North Avenue Beach over the summer. Delos was giving mini treatments and after getting on the table, I realized this was a technique that could work for me.

CP: I heard about Delos at the same event as Mary, the Hangover Cure at North Avenue Beach. I found the treatment very helpful and afterwards I decided to investigate continued therapy.

What issues brought you to Delos?

MP: As a competitive obstacle course athlete, I tend to push my body to its limits in unique ways.   My hamstrings were perpetually tight with a desk job, yet I became complacent. A new shoulder injury from a race was the moment I knew I needed to take my body’s recovery seriously. I only had 3 months to get ready and be “pain free” for Obstacle Course Racing World Championships (OCRWC).

CP: Over the summer, I had really ramped up my training for Obstacle Course Race World Championships (OCRWC). I started noticing a slow reduction in my shoulder’s range of motion and increased pain. Then when I injured myself during skills training, I knew I had to try to find something to fix it.

What types of treatments did you try before coming to Delos?

MP: Before starting with Delos, I tried physical therapy, yoga and a lacrosse ball. While these modalities were useful in strengthening my muscles, I was still struggling with pain and tightness.

CP: Before starting with Delos, I tried ice/heat, massage, stretching and foam rolling.

What improvements have you made since starting Delos Therapy?

MP: Since working with Lia, my hamstrings have been more relaxed and my shoulder injury has improved dramatically. The true moment success was nailing OCRWC and successfully completing 10 trail miles, 50 obstacles with 3000ft of climbing and return a day later with zero complaints during the event and after. Lia and I were both thrilled!

CP: Since starting my sessions at Delos, I have resumed full range of motion in my shoulder and I no longer have pain. Delos was an integral part of my physical training for OCRWC. With my Delos sessions I was able to continue training while treating my pain, and helping my shoulder to heal. As a result, I was able to race injury free and placed in the top 10 of my age group. I could not have done it without Delos.

What would you say to someone who hasn’t tried Delos Therapy?

MP: If you have tried it all – foam rolling, lacrosse balls, PT, yoga – and still need relief, this is it. It takes time but it’s worth the investment.

CP: If you need real pain relief, definitely try Delos!

Tell us something unique about you.

MP: When I turned 39 I realized I needed to take my health back. Two years later I’m down from size 12 to a strong and healthy size 2. I’m grateful for re-learning how to be a kid, and have fun while being active. I never expected to be competing with paid athletes and rank 10th woman in the WORLD in my age group for Obstacle Course Racing. Anything is possible with the right team supporting your goals.

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