Kenny Owens: How He Developed Delos Therapy

Kenny Owens: How He Developed Delos Therapy

October 8, 2012|By admin|4 Comments »
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Kenny Owens was an amateur athlete with a background in engineering. In 1980 he injured his shoulder playing competitive table tennis. Like most weekend athletes his obsession with the sport caused him to reinjure it, so he repeatedly denied himself the chance to properly heal. His condition eventually left him largely unable to sleep for a period of almost 3 months.

During this time he sought the help of numerous traditional and alternative healthcare providers, all to no avail. Due to the severity of his pain, Kenny lost his job and found himself in a state of increasing despair. One night out of pure frustration he mashed the painful spot on the injured shoulder with his healthy hand. Much to his surprise when he let up he noticed the throbbing was slightly less intense than before. Due to his extensive background with troubleshooting systems he knew there had to be a connection between the action taken and the results. Without any formal training in massage, anatomy or human health, Kenny immediately purchased a large selection of anatomy charts and books. Upon returning home he began to pour over the charts and books just like he would with electronics. With persistence fueled by his desperation to get relief, Kenny treated and healed his shoulder in a short period of time.

Kenny spent a total of 6 years experimenting on numerous voluntary subjects, most of whom had been let down by other modalities and were suffering from chronic pain. In the process, he also made new discoveries about which muscles contribute most to which problems and how best to release them. Kenny determined that chronically contracted muscles and fascia caused chronic pain, which were preventing the natural function of the muscles. By targeting his efforts on relieving this contraction, Kenny continually achieved results.

Only four years after his first clinic opened in 1987, Kenny had gone from a maverick therapist to the owner of a highly successful clinic in Houston with a list of clients including heavyweight champion of the world Evander Holyfield, track and field legend Carl Lewis and Warren Moon, the head quarterback of the NFL franchise the Houston Oilers. Today, Kenny passes on the torch to his son Eric who is continuing the legacy of Delos pain management in Chicago.

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