An Open Letter to the Fittest on Earth

An Open Letter to the Fittest on Earth

March 23, 2017|By admin|No Comments »
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As the most recent local CrossFit games come to an end in a few days and the athletes considered by CrossFit experts to be the “Fittest on Earth” begin to emerge as winners, we can’t help but get ourselves involved in the conversation about fitness and CrossFit.

We had the pleasure of being on site at Chicago’s Movement Republic during the last four weeks and saw for ourselves the intensity of the competition. What we love the most is the commitment of the athletes. They have the courage to push themselves beyond what might seem possible and they rely on each other to achieve their goals.

We decided that we wanted to be a part of this CrossFit community, in our own way, by supporting athletes through Delos Therapy.

So what would make us great “teammates” for the CrossFit Community and why is Delos Therapy a critical component of becoming the “Fittest on Earth”? Here are our thoughts:


1. We are world class athletes

We have the credentials – our team of therapists includes a former Olympian and a former Pan American champion. We know what it means to be a world-class athlete. We know what it’s like to push the body to the limit, to consistently work hard, to experience frustrating physical pain and injuries, and to thrive in the end as a champion.

2. We have a unique perspective

We believe healthy muscles are critical for athletic performance and, in the context of CrossFit, we define muscle health as having maximum activation and maximum recruitment. To achieve this, muscles fibers must be soft and pliable in a relaxed state. Muscles should only be hard when they are flexed. What we notice from working on athletes is that performance and strength diminish and pain eventually emerges when muscles are chronically tight, or feel hard, in a relaxed state.  The challenge for athletes, prior to coming to Delos, is that the only solution they are offered for keeping muscles lose and pliable is conventional stretching (which we don’t believe does anything for tightness), foam rolling (which is too superficial and non-systematic) or perhaps trying to strengthen an area that hurts (something we don’t consider possible when muscle fibers are chronically contracted and can’t activate). We are here to challenge the limited standard views that exist and offer a real solution for muscle health and performance.

3. No one else does what we do

We pride ourselves as being the only company in Chicago where our technique is available. Delos Therapy is very subtle and yet the most effective solution for muscle tightness. There is a science behind everything we do – the muscles we focus on, the order of the muscles we address in each treatment, the angles of the pressure, the intensity, the tempo and the frequency. From a distance, it seems so simple, and yet, we know that all of these complicated aspects of our technique literally make the difference between getting someone well and not.

4. We want you to do CrossFit for life

Our team of professionals has a ton of experience working on athletes and we know for certain that, whether people exercise for fun, for health or to be champions, they don’t want to stop. Our goal is to make sure that they keep doing what they’re doing without pain or limitations. We have no interest in “managing” pain or asking people to “modify” the way they perform their activities. Our only goal for our clients is to eliminate pain, to optimize the performance of each muscle fiber and to keep it that way for life.

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