In search of relief and a career – a new therapist’s perspective

In search of relief and a career – a new therapist’s perspective

November 9, 2018|By Dayanne Bowden|No Comments »
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When I was a teenager, falling down on a regular basis while snowboarding didn’t seem like a big deal. Years later at 28 years old, I was dealing with two bulging and one ruptured disc. I felt way too young to have these issues and yet I had been suffering from chronic back pain for about a decade. One day, the pain became unbearable. I couldn’t walk, sit, drive, work, sleep, walk my dog and do common household chores.

Prior to finding Delos, I was a massage therapist for 7 years. I preferred working in a clinical environment because my goal was to make a difference in people’s lives. I knew from personal experience what they were dealing with on a daily basis. While working for a chiropractor, and in an attempt to heal myself, I had typical treatments such as adjustments, Stim, ultrasound, and light muscle manipulation. Other modalities I tried were acupuncture, cupping, McKenzie extension exercises, press ups, McGill big 3 core stability exercises and the use of an inversion table.

My MRI was a wake-up call and I just couldn’t reconcile in my head how someone as active as me could have been affected by pain when I had no injuries as a teenager and was working out regularly in my twenties. During the 2018 winter season I was not able to snowboard, let alone do anything active, including going to the gym. I felt so debilitated. I grew depressed, gained weight and stopped caring about my nutritional health. In February, I received two epidurals, which helped me get through my days and continue working. By March, I was brave enough to try out the gym again, this time with group classes instead of lifting on my own. I modified my exercises as well as I could, but I felt discouraged by not being able to perform the way I once used to. I kept telling myself to give it time and eventually I’d get stronger. I tried conventional stretching and foam rolling without much relief. I wasn’t able to grow stronger because my muscles were so tight. About 4 weeks later I re-injured my back in class and had to get a third epidural.

By springtime, I was completely discouraged and grew frustrated with any modality I tried. I started questioning my own career at that point. How could I not help myself? I wanted answers while also seeking out a new career to help people like me. When I found Delos, things finally began to make sense. Yes, I had disc issues, but there was also a very important muscular component of my pain that was making things worse. The tight muscles and fascia in my back were exerting further pressure on my discs. My muscles were so bound up, filled with collagen and dehydrated of any healthy blood flow, that no amount of stretching or foam rolling or strengthening could actually affect them. At Delos, the therapy is specifically designed to systematically loosen up muscle tissue and restore regular function.

My new career with Delos has made me rethink my health overall. After receiving the therapy myself and feeling instant relief, I knew this was something I needed to be a part of. I’m ecstatic to be here with a team of kind and intelligent therapists, and I can’t wait to grow in my career.

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