My Time with Tiger Woods and My Thoughts on Pain and Performance in Golf

My Time with Tiger Woods and My Thoughts on Pain and Performance in Golf

April 17, 2018|By Eric Owens|No Comments »
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Back in 1996, I did a TV commercial for Buick with Tiger Woods where the two of us played table tennis. You can see it here. I had a great opportunity to talk to him about what it takes to be an elite performer in his sport. Recently, I began thinking how much I would have been able to help him with his back issues. From a performance perspective, I’ve come to the conclusion that a powerful drive and accurate putt require a high volume of muscle activation and fine motor control. Unfortunately, as muscle tissue gradually becomes tight and rigid, it loses the ability for explosive movements and fine-tuning, both of which are absolutely necessary for golf. Through wear and tear from repetitive motions during countless hours on the golf course, muscles gradually become stiff and hard, and they lose the ability to contract. As this process happens there are fewer numbers of muscle fibers being engaged. Therefore, when a specific part of a muscle is needed for explosive movements, that locked up portion of the muscle is unavailable. The result is far less power and explosiveness with golf drives, which means a golfer will not be able to hit the ball very hard without straining.

In the short game, when very small muscle groups are needed for fine motor control, those particular tight muscle fibers will be unavailable for use, so control will be lacking. There is no amount of practice that can overcome this, as more practice without addressing the tightness will just perpetuate the cycle. In addition, continued tightening of muscle fibers eventually leads to pain and dysfunction, resulting in conditions such as golfer’s elbow, low back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain and others. The most devastating scenario for a golfer is having to finish the season early or take a break during prime summer days because the pain is unbearable or the muscles too stiff to achieve optimal results. Imagine being Tiger and not being able to play when you most want to.

At Delos, by applying precise pressure to the tight fibers and breaking up this rigid tissue that is cemented with collagen, we enable golfers to gain access to previously unavailable muscle fibers. Consequently, they can drive with more explosiveness and utilize more of their own muscle tissue for each shot. When small muscle groups are needed for the most finely tuned put, every muscle fiber will be available for ultimate control. There would be dramatic improvements in every aspect of a golfer’s game simply because he is using and recruiting more of his own muscle. And nothing beats optimal performance on the golf course.

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