What is Fascia and How Does it Impact the Muscles?

What is Fascia and How Does it Impact the Muscles?

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There is really no separation at all between muscles and fascia. Fascia is the fibrous fabric that holds everything in our body together. Fascia and muscle fibers join together to form a composite or mixed structure that makes up the muscle system. Fascia weaves in amongst the muscle fibers holding them in place and giving them a structure to pull against. In doing so the fascia translates the muscle fibers’ energy into movement.

At the ends of the muscles the muscle fibers become fewer and fewer leaving only fascia, which at this point forms the tendon. The tendon in turn is woven together with more fibers that make up the periosteum (the outer layer of the bone). Not only does the fascia give the muscle fibers a connection to the bones, but it connects muscles to other muscles as well. Ultimately the fascia is what ties everything together from just below the skin to the surface of the bones and from the top of the skull to the ends of the toes.

At Delos, we believe that treating the fascia and the muscles is what relieves congestion in the body and leads to long-term relief.

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